Parish History

Here are a few highlights of our parish history:

  • 1968 - Parish established. Sunday Masses celebrated at the Glenwood Theater.
  • 1970 - Archbishop Strecker approves the church building plans.
  • 1971 - We adopt Fr. Mark Tillia, a missionary in Brazil, vowing to support him with prayers and money. We're still helping him.
  • 1972 - The new church is completed and we say "goodbye" to those wonderful seats at "St. Glenwood".
  • 1974 - The rectory is completed and the priests move in.
  • 1986 - We buy the former Valley View School from the Shawnee Mission School District and open in the fall with 179 students.
  • 1990 - We begin our annual parish festival in September.
  • 1993 - We celebrate our 25th anniversary as a parish.
  • 1998 - Two major renewal efforts are launched. Our Faith Response Capital Campaign to address our physical needs and RENEW 2000 to address our spiritual needs.
  • 2000 - In November, Fr. Mark celebrates our first parish mass in Spanish.
  • 2001 - Small Christian Communities become a regular part of our parish life.
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